Staff Details

Mr Craig Charteris

Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding leader

Miss Shelley Priestley

Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment and Maths Leader

Designated Safeguarding Leader

Mrs Danielle Plesca

Assistant Head Teacher, English and Induction Leader, Year 2 (Owl Class) Teacher

Mrs Lorna Newcombe

Inclusion Manager and Year 2 (Owl Class) Teacher

Lead Designated Safeguarding Leader

Miss Christina Thomson

Bumblebee Class (Reception) Teacher, Phonics and Spellings Leader

Miss Kelly Rose Ladybird Class (Reception) Teacher
Mrs Nicole Mockford Hedgehog Class (Year 1) Teacher
Miss Sarah Rowse

Squirrel Class (Year 1) Teacher 

Miss Lauren Mulroy Year 3 Class Teacher and Sports Leader
Ms Luella Manssen Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs Jess Frost PPA Cover Teacher
Mrs Dawn Fraser School Business Manager
Mrs Michelle Burt School Administrator
Mrs Sue Bonar

Ladybird Class (Reception) Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Woollard Bumblebee Class (Reception) Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Alison Jolly Squirrel Class (Year 1) and Bumblebee (Reception) Teaching Assistant
Mrs Alberta Millar Hedgehog Class (Year 1) Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Vikki Johnson

Owl Class (Year 2) Teaching Assistant and SEND TA

Miss Kelly Lewis

Year 3 Teaching Assistant and KS2 intervention TA

Miss Leigh Roberts Year 4 Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr Derry Hobbs

Site Supervisor

Miss Michelle Dams

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Kati Reeve Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Priscilla Sherratt School Cleaner
Mrs Wendy Martinelli School Cleaner
Mr Pete Davies ICT Technician

The Hayfield Cross Promise

Our promise is to nurture and inspire children to be pioneers of their own futures. Our children will radiate positivity and have high aspirations for themselves and others.

Children will develop depth of learning through rich and exciting experiences and opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Guided by our Christian values, our children will develop a strong moral compass. Valuing and respecting others they will become individuals who contribute to our global community as citizens of modern Britain.