On Thursday 19th October we celebrated the Hindu Festival of Diwali as a whole school.  The children in year 1 upwards started off with an assembly to introduce what Diwali is a celebration of and who for and then enjoyed a day of activities with different adults around the school.  They looked like they all had a fantastic time enjoying dramatising the story of Rama and Sita, cooking delicious treats, creating colourful lanterns, making Diwali cards and also designing henna hands.

The children in the reception classes enjoyed a day of Diwali inspired provision and have created a wonderful display of all of their hard work.



Our second Parent Forum in June 2017 was focused on 'Working in Partnership'.  We also went through the actions from the last meeting and have aleady actioned them.

The minutes of the meeting can be read here:  Parent_Forum_-_Working_in_Partnership_June_2017.pptx


Thank you to all involved in our first Parent Forums which have been invaluable to us in finding new ways to improve our school.  Our next set of forums will take place in the Autumn Term and we will look again for parents to sign up for these nearer the time.