Reception have had a very eventful month learning about the emergency services and superheroes. The children have been particularly keen on carrying out story telling in the outdoor area. We have had speeding tickets being given out, fires being put out and sirens blaring from the wheeled vehicle area. The children have been so enthusiastic about this topic and have been extremely fortunate to have the fire service, police and PCSO come in and talk to them. Our week of visits from the emergency services kicked off with the fire service, the children enjoyed learning about all the different tools the fire service use and had a cracking time sitting inside the fire engine. They got to look at the uniform that the fire fighters wear and asked them lots of interesting questions. We also had a parent police officer come to visit the school from the tactical support team. We learnt lots about the different roles within the police force and even got to play with the sirens! The children had fun trying on the uniforms and hats, sitting inside the van and even got to try out the handcuffs!  The children also loved coming in as “people who help us” and talked about what jobs they would like to have when they are older. We had a vast array of professions including a plumber, an art teacher, a midwife, police officers, fire fighters and in particular my favourite, a police dog! I have been really impressed with their knowledge about the emergency services and they were able to tell me about the professions they had chosen. This was a very memorable week for the Reception children and we would like to say thank you to the emergency services people for taking up their time to come in.

Miss Pip Westall  Ladybird Class Teacher

For Worship Wednesday this term we have had two fabulous visits fro St. Botolph's.   A few weeks back with Reverend Nigel all about fathers and how God is our heavenly father and looks after us, wherever we go and whatever we do.  We were also sad to announce that it would be Reverent Nigel’s last assembly with us as he is moving to a new church in Braintree where he will be the lead Priest.  Nigel has been involved in our school from the very beginning (he even interviewed me for the Head teacher job!) and has been a big part and supporter of Hayfield Cross.  He was also involved in naming the school and choosing our unique orange uniform.  We will all miss Rev Nigel’s visits and wish him and his family the very best of luck in their new adventure.  Lats week we welcomed Rev Mark Lucas from St. Botolph’s Church sharing with us the story of St. Peter and how Jesus forgave him, even when he was mean by pretending he didn’t know him.  The important part of the story was to make sure you do the right things that will make you feel good inside.