Over the last two Mondays we have been really pleased to host our very first Hub Share afternoons with Reception.  Last week we started with Ladybird’s and this week was Bumblebee’s turn.  The rest of the classes will follow and this is something that we hope to continue next year more often.  The Hub Share is a wonderful opportunity for parents and family members to spend an afternoon in our Hub sharing in their children’s learning.  We have introduced these in response to feedback from parents on our Parent Questionnaires we sent out in the Spring.  Both afternoons were really successful well attended and we have had great feedback from those who joined us.

This week the children have been having a wonderful time using the Hayfield Golf Academy Course which has proven very popular (and challenging!).  It is another of our brilliant new innovations for improving sport and active play at breaktimes.  To play, each class has three sets of clubs and score cards that the children take out at playtime and lunchtime and either play by themselves or in teams of two or three.  The challenge is to complete the course in the fewest shots just like real golf.  We do have additional sets of clubs which can also be used by the classes for PE and we may add more later on.  If you haven’t spotted it already the course is long the bank along the back of the playground and the tee offs and holes are marked with white posts and flags.  We are pretty sure we are the only school with its own golf course!