On Thursday 6th July we were treated to Owl Classes brilliant assembly all about their learning experience 'Journey of a Lifetime'. First they described their classes journey this year from the 8 children who moved up from Year 1 and then all the disruption of 17 new children joining with some also leaving again.  They then shared the places they have 'visited' over the last term and some of the things they have learned.  We were really impressed with their Maori Haka and their poem to recite all of the American States!  The children were all amazing and the assembly was enjoyed by all!  Well done Owls :)

DSC 3770 DSC 3769  DSC 3772


On Friday we had a special day celebrating Armed Forces Day.  The children spent the day learning about our armed forces as part of teh national celebration.  As part of the day Mrs Plesca's brother who is a soldier came in and ran through drills with all of the classes.  Freddie's Dad also visited Year 1 to show them his kit and talk about his job in the Royal Engineers.  The children studied the Army, Navy and Air Force in different classes which was really interesting and we are planning to put together a display in the Hub soon with their work for everyone to see.  Thanks to our brilliant visitors and we look forward to sharing soem highlights in Celebration Assembly on Friday (7th July).