We had our first ever Hayfield Cross Church of England School class assembly last week as Year 3 wowed us all about their Stones and Bones learning experience.  We were really proud of all of them, as I know were all of the parents.  The children spoke confidently, acted well and impressed us with what they have learned and done over the last term.  More info and pictures from the assembly will be on the Year 3 class blog soon.

At bthe start of term we shared our newly launched Christian Values with our school community which will be displayed all around the school, referred to regularly and explored with the children in assemblies, worship and in class.  Each value is made up of many virtues which are the things we can show and see that demonstrate that value.  A simple definition for each of our Christian Values are:

Joy                      To appreciate the world around us and the many ways in which we are blessed, even when we find things difficult.  Christian hope forms part of this which is the certainty that good things will happen because we have faith in God that it will.

Integrity            To act with integrity is to make good choices and show you have a strong moral compass or ‘doing the right thing even when no-one is looking’.  The Christian definition is to value yourself and find value in others.

Fellowship        To understand and accept others whatever their background or beliefs and working together to build our school community under the guidance of God. 

We have now written our school prayer encompassing these values which are now shared in school every day by the children and with parents each week to encourage everyone to live these values every day.

Dear Lord

Help us each day to be JOYFUL

act with INTEGRITY

and value FELLOWSHIP

in all that we do.