Hedgehog Class (Year 1)

We have had a fantastic term in Hedgehogs looking at how plants grow, where our food comes from and growing our own beans.

In Maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide using different equipment and methods.

During English the children have learnt how to write instructions for making jam on toast, how to get ready for PE and how to plant a bean.


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This term we have been looking at the topic ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

In Hedgehog Class, the children have been exploring different garden designs and what they would like to have in their garden, Flowers? Water features? Trees? Play equipment?

The children have also loved looking at the different parts of the plant and exploring which parts we eat.

We used the polydron and pegs to use symmetry and shape to make our own flowers.

In Science, we have looked at how the seasons change.

In maths the children have been learning to count forward and backwards in 10’s. We even practiced at playtime!

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