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The Squirrels have made a lovely start to the summer term! We have been very busy learning about how to find a fraction of a shape, exploring the new changes in the Royal Family and using our teambuilding to learn more skills in PE. The weather has been so lovely, we've even managed to have some PE lessons outside!

This term, we have started sentence stacking in English and the children have been applying rhyming couplets, similes, alliteration and repetition to their writing. This unit has really brought out the childrens' imagination and we've had some lovely ideas such as an angry unicorn and a snake that lives by a lake.

With our class assembly coming up next week, we are looking forward to sharing some more of our learning with you.

Miss Rowse :)

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As the Spring term comes to an end, it presents an excellent opportunity to look back on some of the amazing things we have been up to. The children have enjoyed a visit from a maths workshop where they had to use their detective skills to solve a theft (they all make impressive detectives!). They have also been developing their fantastic mathematical brains to learn about counting in 5s, dividing into equal groups and lots of new resources including beads and rulers.

The children have been embracing Spring by growing their own bean and writing instructions so visitors know how to look after it. We have had many brilliant ideas brought in for Show and Tell that have helped us to keep track of the weather changes outside for Spring and the Squirrels have managed to spot all the signs from new baby animals to greener leaves on the trees! 

I have been super impressed with the creativity that the children have shown during our topic lessons. Lots of them got the chance to paint and draw fruit, explore the style of Monet and design their own Easter egg. We even wrote our own Easter songs yesterday so we might have some soon to be famous songwriters in our midst!

This term has been a lovely one and I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays.

Have a lovely Easter! :)

Miss Rowse


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We have had a lovely term in the Squirrel Class. We've been focusing on the exciting changes that are about to happen outside as we move from Winter to Spring. We have been looking at plants and how to look after them and we've been learning all about the changes in the weather. The Squirrels have shown their creativity by designing flowerbeds, writing their own innovated versions of Shark in the Park, used drama workshops to get to know the characters of Jack and the Beanstalk and practiced using expression when reading aloud. It is lovely to see how the children have blossomed since September and how their confidence to learning is growing. I am especially proud of how well the Squirrels have been working as a team this term and know they will continue to do so.

I will see you all after half term!


Miss Rowse :) 

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It's been an exciting week for the squirrel class as everything has been Harry Potter themed! The children have become excellent wizards; they've made their own edible wands, visited some owls, received their Hogwarts acceptance letter and learned how to play Quidditch. One of their most exciting events though, was when they attended a beautiful banquet organised by TOPS. The children had a fantastic afternoon trying lots of yummy foods and joining in with activities such as find the egg, hoopla and pin the glasses on Harry Potter! I would just like to say a big thank you for all the effort that was put in. It truly was a brilliant afternoon!

As we continue our themed week, the children will play Quidditch against the Hedgehog class, mix different ingredients together to concoct a magical potion and make their own secret map to follow and find some hidden treasure inside the school grounds! I can't wait to see how creative they are.

Wishing you all a good rest of the week.

Miss Rowse :)

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