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We have had a fantastic start to Summer term in Year 3!

We have kicked off our Wild West theme by beginning to learn about Chrsitopher Columbus finding America and pioneers journeying over to the Wild West discovering Plain Indian tribes. We have been learning about it through drama activities, researching using books and the internet and also through art.

We have created our own Sheriff badges and Wanted posters to display around the classroom and in the corridors. There are some scary outlaws on the loose! We have also found out that Native Americans believed dream catchers would catch any bad dreams they had, and when it turned into daylight those bad dreams would burn. We designed and created our own dream catchers and they look great! It was a tough task and required a lot of resilience but the end result was fantastic.


In Maths we have been learning a lot about about telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks, multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers and looking at equivalent fractions. We have also been learning a lot about angles and turns which has linked very nicely with our work on magnets and directions in Science!

We have been very very busy and can't wait to see what the next term brings!


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Year 3 have had a very busy week immersing themselves in the world of Harry Potter along with thes rest of the school. We have completed a range of activities including designing our own magical beasts with factfiles, creating and making potions, making wanted posters for wizards and witches, making dragon eggs or cauldrons, planting seeds in Herbology and lots more! We have really enjoyed our week.

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