Year 4

This term we have enjoyed learning about the human digestive system in science, the Iron Man in English and have battled with fractions and times tables in Maths. We have also enjoyed developing our reading and reflection areas.

Building our own digestive systems was a particular highlight. Cardboard tubes for oesophagus’s and zip lock bags for stomachs worked perfectly. We enjoyed squelching the food (bread) and the stomach acid (water) in the stomach (zip lock bag)! Unfortunately, the balloons we used for the small and large intestines were too thin and didn’t allow the food to move along them. This was really disappointing because we were really looking forward to the excreting part!

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We have read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes this term and we are currently reading The Iron Woman. Now that we have our new reading area in place we will be able to read for pleasure in a new comfortable space, write our own book reviews and even recommend books for each other to read. As well as developing our reading area, we have also enjoyed developing our reflection area. We designed our own stained glass windows and even though it was tricky making them, we are really happy with the finished results!

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