With the changes in expectation to the English curriculum there is now a big focus on spellings.  Spelling are often something that children find difficult to learn and retain so we have come up with an idea which we hope will encourage the children to be enthusiastic about learning their spellings. 

At the beginning of each big term we will put onto the website (under ‘Parents’ – ‘Curriculum Information’) the 100 spellings children need to learn in each year group.  We will have Spelling Bee to see how many of these spellings the children know within the early days of the new term.  It will then be up to the children at home to learn as many of the spellings as they can ready for a second Spelling Bee at the end of the term. 

As an incentive there will be certificates and prizes for the children who have made the biggest improvement in their score as well as any children who get 100%.  The incentives are there as a reward for achievement but also as a way to encourage the children to take responsibility and ownership for their learning.  There is also a ‘How to support your child with learning spellings’ information leaflet on the website.  

These spellings are divided into spelling patterns and that will be taught weekly within school. These will then be sent home on a Monday as their weekly spellings to learn and they will be tested on a Friday morning. 

Please bear in mind that this is not something that we want the children to feel stressed or pressured by but it is a part of the curriculum that they need to try their best to learn.

Your support with this is invaluable.

Thank you 

Spelling Support Downloads