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School contact details

Dawn Fraser, School Business Manager

Hayfield Cross Church of England Primary School.

Hayfield Crescent,

Kettering, Northants NN15 5FJ

Our contact phone number is 01536 606093


Enquiries can be made via the 'CONTACT US' tab above.

**Please note that any documents on the website may also be requested as paper copies from the school office.



As a new school our first OfSTED inspection took place in our third year in July 2018.  We were very proud to be judged as a 'Good' school with many extremely positive features of our school identified by the inspectors.  The report is available in the documents sidebar of this page.

In 2018 we also had our first Church SIAMs inspection where we were also graded as a Good school.  This report can be found via the Church School Tab on the menu bar.

Parents are also able to provide their feedback to Ofsted about Hayfield Cross. Please use the Ofsted Parent View weblink


Childcare and extra-curricular activities

LASK provides our extended provision from 7:45am to 5:45pm daily which is available for all children.  This can be booked directly via LASK and details can be provided by the school office.  In addition to this there are a range of before and after school clubs and activities that are provided inlcuding sports, Spanish, music and other activities, information also available from the school office.

The Curriculum

Information about our Curriculum is accesisble in the side bar of this page in the Curriculum Statement document and the curriculum map. Further information can also be found in 'curriculum information' under the 'PARENTS' tab above.  Each Year Group has a curriculum plan for the year which is then broken down into termly details. To simplify the information, we have provided the termly details within the Year Group pages for each cohort of pupils. Please visit the Classes pages for this information. 

High Expectations of Learning and Behaviour

At Hayfield Cross Church of England School we actively promote good behaviour by giving children who behave well a high profile in school.   We consistently recognise children who have a good attitude to learning and behaviour and they are rewarded, publicised and used as a model for others to follow. 

There are times when children do not make wise choices about their learning or conduct which we address through our behaviour system which is detailed in our ‘Behaviour Policy’ (in the side bar of this page).  This is designed to support children to learn from their mistakes and improve themselves by making better choices in the future.

Absence, Illness and Punctuality

If your child should be absent for any reason, parents must inform the school either in writing or by telephone. It is a legal requirement that we record any absence not notified to us as ‘unauthorised’ and report these to parents annually.

School starts PROMPTLY at 8:45am.  Children are expected to be at school and ready to start learning at this time.  At 8:43 the first bell rings signalling the children to line up.  On the second bell at 8:45am the children will go into school with their teachers with the playground being locked at this time.  Parents who are late more than twice in a term, after registers close, will receive a letter reminding them of school times.  If they are persistently late they will be referred to the County Council attendance officers who may take further action which could include issuing a fixed penalty notice.

Children should NOT be taken out of school for holidays during term time.  Any such incidents are recorded as ‘unauthorised’.  If the term of unauthorised absence exceeds 5 consecutive days parents will be reported Northamptonshire County Council and fines may be issued.  For more information regarding Fixed Penaly Notices for term time holidays please see the FPN leaflet download on this page. Time may be taken in ‘exceptional circumstances’ by completing an absence form available from the school office.  ‘Exceptional circumstances’ are defined as ‘unavoidable, necessary and short’.  

Term dates for the following year are available on our website under the 'Information' drop down to enable parents to plan their holidays in advance.

The school cannot take responsibility for administering medicines. If your child needs to take medicine please keep them at home.  We keep a record of children with asthma or allergies. If your child suffers from any medical condition please let us know immediately.

Peanut Free School

Please be aware that we are a peanut free school so no foods or items containing nut oil should be brought into school or consumed on the premises.

Admission Arrangements

Our admission arrangements, including any arrangements for selection, any oversubscription criteria and an explanation of the process of applying for a school place is provided by following the Northants CC Admissions weblink in the sidebar.  Our school admissions policy is also available in the sidebar to download.

Protocol for In Year Admissions

We strongly urge parents to consider carefully any decision to move their child other than for reasons of relocation, especially during the academic year.  In the first instance it is very important that parents address any issues or concerns with the school their child attends and work with the school in order to try to resolve them.  Parents who wish to apply for a place at Hayfield Cross to transfer from another school (except if moving from out of the area) should first read the guidance on the NCC website regarding in year transfers.

Enquiries for places must be made directly through admissions who will be able to give guidance on availability and the application process.  When a place at Hayfield Cross Church of England School has been allocated parents are invited to contact the school to arrange a visit to look round the school before making their decision to accept the place.  Tours are not available until a place has been allocated.

When an in year place has been allocated and accepted the child will start school on the first day of the next new term following the next  school holiday (in accordance with section 433 of the 1996 Education Act).

This process does not apply to new Reception Intake children where there will be organised opportunities to visit the school prior to completing their school place applications in January.  It also does not apply for Looked After Children, those moving from out of the local area without a school place and those moving into Hanwood Park in line with our agreed admissions criteria.

Admissions Timetables

Hayfield Cross Church of England School as a Voluntary Aided School uses the Diocesan Appeals Service for admissions appeals. Following the National Offer Day on 16 April 2020, the deadline for lodging an on-time appeal is 21 May 2020 (9am).

Despite the current uncertainty as a result of the impact of the outbreak of Coronavirus, please ensure that you lodge your Notice of Appeal (by email if at all possible) by the deadline date of 21 May.  Please contact Alex Benoy, the Diocese of Peterborough Education Team Administrator on for further details.’

The Appeal Clerk will send notification of the Hearing (Venue, Date and Time) and the Statement of Case to the Appellants by 5 June 2020.

On-time appeals will be heard by 30 June 2020.

Proposed appeal hearing dates are between Thursday 25 June and Tuesday 30 June 2020 (inclusive).

Decision letters will be sent within 5 working days of the appeal hearing, subject to any unforeseen circumstances


As a new school our first OfSTED inspection took place in our third year in July 2018.  We were very proud to be judged as a 'Good' school with many extremely positive features of our school identified by the inspectors.  The report is available in the documents sidebar of this page.

Parents are also able to provide their feedback to Ofsted about Hayfield Cross. Please use the Ofsted Parent View weblink

PE and Sport Premium Funding

Please see 'Sports Funding Summary' and 'Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sports Premium' documents in the side bar of this page.

Pupil Premium Information

Please see Pupil Premium Statement and Pupil Premium Poilicy available in the sidebar of this page. 

Performance data and Performance Tables

No data is currently available until September 2020 when we have our first Y6 SATs results

Policies and documentation

We provide access to relevant Policies and documents for Parents on the side bar of this page and below: 

  • Charging and Remissions policy

  • Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information is held in the Inclusion Policy in the sidebar.  To contact the school Inclusion Manager (SENDCO) please use the contact information provided or email via the 'CONTACT US' tab above.


We have a web page dedicated to our school governors where we show all relevant details about the people who support at a strategic level. Please follow the "Governance" weblink in the side for to reach this page.