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Harry Potter Studios Trip

February 2018


On Monday this week, year 2, 3 and 4 visited the wonderful world of Harry Potter at the Warner Brothers Studios.  You could feel the excitement in the air as we approached the car park and all of the staff and children were ready for a day of J.K Rowling inspired magic.

Year 4 children started off with a prop and scenary workshop while the rest of the children entered through the Great Hall and saw lots of wonderful sets, props, interactive information, real life graphic and conceptual designers to talk to and costumes that were used in the films.  We had the chance to search for Golden Snitches and collect stamps in our very own Hogwarts Passports.  Some children also had the chance to fly a broomstick and have the experience captured by photograph.  The designers we spoke to shared some interesting information and we learnt all about how they made each special wand for the characters.  Lots of fun was had sitting inside the flying car and pretending to interact with Dobby (the house elf!)  One of our favourite parts was being able to walk up Diagon Alley and see the wonderful assortment of shop fronts.  The children were all so enthusiastic and enjoyed learning about what it takes to create such a wonderful representation of a World famous series of books.  Their behaviour was responsible and respectful to other members of the public and an amazing time was had by all.  We look forward to seeing what else they will be learning as Harry Potter week progresses...


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