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A Visitor is Welcomed to Hayfield Cross...


Yesterday afternoon, Owl class and Year 4 were lucky enough to spend some time learning from an interesting visitor.  We thouroughly enjoyed meeting the fantastic Jo Elijah who came to share her Jewish faith with us.  Owls and Year 4 are both learning about Judaism as part of their Religious Education lessons with Miss Priestley.


In Owls, Jo captivated their curiousity by speaking to them about the importance of Shabbat.  The children got to see real artefacts and Jo talked to us about the importance of each one.  The children listened attentively and showed great respect to our visitor.  We learnt lots of new information and vocabulary and even got to try some kosher Challah bread for ourselves!


In Year 4, Jo spoke to the children about the importance of prayer and the children got a chance to ask some questions to further their understanding.


It was lovely to meet someone who was willing to share such important aspects of their daily life with us and it has helped the children to appreciate another aspect of the world around them.  We are grateful to Jo for taking the time to come and see us!


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