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In the last week of term Year 4 went on an amazing adventure to the city of York for Hayfield Cross’ first ever residential visit.  They spent three days in York exploring the city as well as visiting the Castle Museum, National Railway Museum, York Minster, Jorvik and The Dig.  At each location they took part in a wide range of activities and workshops making the whole visit very fun as well as educational.  Some of their highlights and things they discovered were:

“We liked the Dig because we found it interesting having a hands on experience and digging through history.”

“The railway museum because we found it really interesting seeing trains from different times and learning new things.”

“The Jorvik centre because going on the ride made it feel like we were actually taken back in time and it showed us what life was like back in the Viking era. It was really realistic.”

“One of the windows in York Minster is as big as a tennis court!”

“What a Victorian street looked like (in the Castle museum)”

“That the Shambles is a street that looks a bit like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.”

“Vikings were very smart and used resources available to them to make tools.”

“Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate is the longest name for the shortest street”

“The bell in the Minster is the biggest swinging bell in the world. It makes the whole tower shake when it swings.”

“When Rocket the train was first made, people thought that if you travelled 30mph your head would fall off!”

“It was very nice. The owners of the hotel were very kind and the food was tasty! Our favourite meal was breakfast because we got to have a cooked breakfast.”

“York City was great because it has lots of different parts to it from lots of different periods of time and I love history. The wall walk was relaxing and seeing some of the views including the Minster was marvellous.”


The children were a real credit to our school, one shop manager even came to the staff to tell them that they were the best behaved and organised children they had ever had in their shop (and they have a lot of schools visit!) which was brilliant to hear.  Huge thanks to Miss Priestley, Ms Manssen and Miss Roberts for giving up their time to support the trip and a very special thanks to Mrs Burt who organised the residential and all of the bookings.

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