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On Tuesday 21st February we were pleased to support World Thinking Day which is a special day celebrated by the Scout and Girl Guide movement.  Lots of the children who are part of Beavers, Cubs and Brownies groups all came dressed in their uniforms for the day to show their support for their organisations.  It was wonderful to see that so many of our children are part of these groups and enjoying the things they do.  World Thinking Day itself goes beyond just these organisations and is a day of international friendship and aimed at supporting young people to think about others in the world around them.

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by 10 feathery friends. Owl class have been learning all about their namesake and had 10 beautiful owls come to visit from Owls to Behold. Tony (their rescuer) told us lots of information about the owls such as what they eat, when they hunt and he had to reveal where their ears lie hidden under their feathers. The children asked lots of questions, we were very impressed by their thirst for more knowledge. We were astounded to find out that many facts we believed to be true were in fact myths! Then all of the children from Hedgehogs, Owls and Year 3 got to hold one, photos of these will be on their class blogs

We would like to say a big thank you to Owls to Behold for providing us with such a memorable day!

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