On Wednesday we enjoyed our Harvest Festival led by Rev. Eleanor (Associate Vicar at Christ the King).  We welcomed lots of parents to our assembly and it was the Reception children’s first assembly in the hall and they were fantastic.  Firstly, thank you all for your very kind donations for harvest.  We have a huge pile of food which our brilliant TOPs have arranged to send to the Kettering District Food Bank (The Trussell Trust).  They are still collecting change which they will be counting on Friday and also donating.  The assembly was lots of fun with Rev. Eleanor teaching us all about Harvest and to ‘Rejoice, Remember and Rely’ to God for the things we have, knowing that He will provide for us.  We also sang a fun (but very repetitive!) song with the parents encouraged to join in.  A huge thank you to all the parents who helped move the harvest donations, set them up and clear up after assembly it was greatly appreciated.  

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On Thursday Year 3 went on a trip to Flag Fen in Peterborough. The day started by looking back in time and placing different eras on a time line: Romans, Iron Age, Bronze Age and then Stone Age. They learned that the eras that come before the Romans are called the ‘Pre-historic’ ages because they happened before people could write, and were therefore ‘pre-history’.  They saw some 3500 year old long boats which were discovered 5 years ago and are now being preserved in a specially designed room.  They visited the Stone Age ruins of a causeway to cross the lake made from over 60,000 trees, which although preserved will only last another 40 years so is something that will be lost to future generations.  They visited a ‘round house’ of the type that Stone Age people would have lived in where the walls of the house were made of daub, the roof made of waterproof reeds and the floor was mud.  After lunch, the children were able to do some investigating of their own by looking at objects that have been discovered in Flag Fen. Finally, they made their own Stone Age inspired clay pots.  The children were all fantastic on our trip and they had an amazing day discovering the past which will really help their learning back at school.  More information and photos will be posted on Year 3’s blog: http://hayfieldcross.org.uk/index.php/classes/year-3