On Tuesday Year 3 were all sorted into their new school houses.  Our houses are the named after characteristics of being a pioneer which is part of our Hayfield Cross Promise.  They are:

Adventurer House

Voyager House

Trail-Blazer House

KS2 no longer have Hero Points but House Points instead so they not only earn awards for themselves but also for their house and including bonus teamwork points that they can earn with the best house being given a reward and award at the end of each term.


 Welcome back to Hayfield Cross Church of England School for our second year and a very warm welcome to all our new children and families joining us across the school. We are really pleased to have also welcomed lots of new staff to our school as we have grown massively (we have over 110 children now!).  There is a full list of all of our staff on our website with photos to be updated soon.  There has been a lot going on in school over the summer getting ready for the new school year.  We are especially pleased to have a brand new and brilliant pre-school linked to our school with Hayfield Pre-School opening in one of our Y6 classrooms.  This is a privately run pre-school but very much part of our school and we are looking forward to working together in the future to support the children through their early years.  We have also been able to offer a daily before and after school club run by Premier Sports which children have started already (information is available from the school office).  They have a range of activities that they run through the week and will also be offering other sports focused clubs soon along with other after school clubs and opportunities we will have through the year.