We hosted our first Celebration Assembly of the year this morning with our usual awards including lots of children completing the summer reading challenge from the library which we are really pleased about.  We also had our new lunchtime award where the children are awarded a ticket to our ‘First Class Table’ for wonderful etiquette, teamwork and friendship through the week.  Both the first class ticket holders and that week’s Hayfield Heroes dine on our special first class table on Friday.  Miss Priestley and I had the pleasure of joining them at lunch which one of us will do each week along with a guest who may be a member of staff governor or visitor.

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This season (until Christmas) our whole school (Key Stages 1 & 2) learning theme is 'Time Travellers'.  This is all part of our bespoke Hayfield Cross curriculum which we designed specially for our school and based around three focuses through the year with each year group studying a different topic within that theme.  This seasons focus is on history and discovering the past.  Our Learning Experiences will be sent home soon and added to the website to share what the children will be learning.

Year 1's learning experience this season is 'Pumpkins and Portcullises' where the children are studying castles and traditional tales.

Year 2's learning experience this season is 'Big, Bright and Beautiful' where the children are studying the Great Fire of London and properties of materials.

Year 31's learning experience this season is 'Stones and Bones' where the children will be studying life in Stone Age Britain and bones in humans and animals.