We are very pleased to welcome all of our new children and families to Hayfield Cross Church of England School.  Thank you for choosing to join us as part of Team Orange.

At Hayfield Cross everything is focused on providing the very best learning experiences for the children so that they love their time in school and all of this is underpinned by our Christian thos as a Church of England School.  As the children grow through our school they are nurtured to build their confidence, knowledge and skills as we celebrate their many accomplishments.  We want every child at Hayfield Cross to achieve their full potential and give them a lifelong love of learning through their school career and into the future.

The final but very important part to our team is you.  We believe that helping every child to be the best they can be starts with a strong partnership between school and home.  We pride ourselves in being a friendly and open school and we want our families to feel involved in their children’s school and education.

Mr Craig Charteris
Head Teacher

Help your child in school by:

    • Ensure that they are on time at 8:45am each day.
    • Inform the school of the reason for any absence by 9.00 am on the first day of the absence.
    • Make sure they properly equipped and wear the correct school uniform and PE Kit.
    • Ensure that children do not have piercings other than single stud earrings that should be done during the summer holidays so as not to interfere with PE.
    • Let the school know about any concerns or problems that might affect your child’s work or behaviour.
    • Share any concerns we have about your child or the school with staff in order to seek a resolution and not to post any concerns, criticisms or defamatory statements about the staff or school on social networking sites.
    • Understand that any photos taken in school are for personal use only and I will not share or post on the internet any pictures including any other children.
    • Support them in homework and other opportunities for home learning.
    • Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
    • Attempt to take routine medical and dental appointments outside school time.
    • Avoid taking holidays in school time.

Things to Remember

  • We try to be as paperless as possible to save costs and to be kind to the environment.  Most of our information is sent via text or emal but paper copies can always be obtained from the school office.
  • We are a peanut free school.  This is due to some children having severe nut allergies which can be potentially fatal.  Please help us by ensuring that your child does not bring in an foods containing nuts.
  • Do tell us if your home circumstances change - it helps us to understand your child if we are informed.
  • Please send a coat to school every day.
  • Please ensure that your child wears clothes that they can remove easily when going to the toilet.
  • Make sure they can put on and take off their own shoes.
  • We ask that parents send a change of underwear and trousers/ skirt to school for reception in a named bag just in case of the occasional ‘accident’.
  • We do not encourage children to bring in toys from home unless it is for show and tell and agreed with the teacher.  This is because they can be easily lost or damaged and school cannot take any responsibility for these.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The children in Reception will be following the EYFS curriculum.  To ensure understanding and to build a firm foundation for future years many of the activities will be of a practical nature which provides a rich context for children to select, make decisions and solve problems.  The school day is structured around focused one to one, small group and class learning opportunities alongside broad opportunities for the children to free-flow independently to explore, play, discover and learn.  The Early Years Foundation Stage is organised into seven areas of learning that we use to plan their learning and development in:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Communication and Language.
  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Physical Development.
  • Understanding the world.
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

Key Stages 1 and 2

After the EYFS the children move into Key Stage 1 comprising of Years 1 and 2.  When they are 7 years old (Years 3-6) they will be in Key Stage 2.  Key Stage 1 and 2 children are immersed in a broad and balanced curriculum filled with rich learning experiences alongside focused core learning of English and Maths every day.  The curriculum is organised into termly themes making learning meaningful, engaging and fun.

The School Day

The school day starts at 8:45am prompt.  It is really important that children start the day well and their morning routine starts the moment they come into school.  The playground is open 8:30am and a member of SLT will be outside from 8:35am.  The first bell rings at 8:43am when the children line up in their classes and go straight into school with their teachers on the second bell at 8:45am.  Please make sure that you have plenty of time in the morning to make sure they are in line to go in with their class and ready to start their day.

The school day finished at 3:15pm and parents collect their children from the playground.  Children will only be allowed to go with their parents or known adults.  If there are any changes such as another family member collecting them or they are going home with someone else please let us know.

Working Together

Parent partnership is something that we believe passionately in and is an integral part of our school.  There will be regular opportunities for you to join us in school and share in your children’s learning as well as celebrating events through the year.  You will also be able to stay up to date with our weekly Hayfield Herald newsletter, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.  We very much  have an open door policy so please come and see us if there is anything that you aren’t sure or happy about so we can work together to put it right!

Each year all parents must sign and return the Home School Agreement (included in the intake pack and also available on the school website).  This is a statutory agreement between school and families setting out the expectations that we will all uphold to ensure the children receive the very best support to fulfil their full potential.

As a Church of England School we are supported by two nearby churches.  St. Botolph’s in Barton Seagrave and Christ the King on Deeble Road, Kettering.  We have regular assemblies led by the Curates of St. Botoloph’s and the Associate Vicar of Christ the King and also visit the Churches.

School Milk

We encourage a healthy attitude to food. Children will be provided with a piece of fruit to eat at morning playtime. Milk is also available to all pupils on a daily basis through a scheme run by ‘Cool Milk at School’. This is free for under 5’s and then becomes payable on a termly basis.

Attending School Events

At Hayfield Cross Church of England School we encourage parents to be an active part of our school community and offer many opportunities and events for you to join us in your children’s learning.  Whenever you are in school we ask that you ensure that you adhere to the following rules so that all of our events are safe and successful.  At our school we have three fundamental ‘Rights’ that we believe everyone has and must uphold which are:

The right to be and feel safe at school

The right to be treated with respect

The right to learn

These rights apply to everyone in our school whether they are children, staff, parents, governors or visitors and they are expected to be valued and upheld by all.  

We are committed to safeguarding and we are sure that all of our families will support us by following these rules (which are on display when you sign in and posted on the school website under parent information):

  • All visitors must sign in before entering the main school and sign out again when they leave.
  • Parents/ family members must understand that any photos taken in school are for personal use only and MUST NOT share or post on the internet any pictures including any other children.
  • Pushchairs/ buggies are not permitted in school as they pose a fire- evacuation risk.  They can be left securely behind the gate by the entrance if you ask a member of office staff to help you.
  • Younger siblings must be kept with parents at ALL TIMES. If they are unable to sit quietly with parents they must be taken out immediately so as not to disrupt the activity for the children and other parents.

We welcome parents to our weekly Celebration Assemblies which take place at 9am every Friday.  During the assembly the Class Teachers share news of what is happening each week and the children walk down the red carpet to be presented with their awards.  Each week we have Lunchtime Awards, Hero Point Certificates and The Hayfield Heroes presented.  We also encourage children to bring in any certificates and awards they receive out of school to share.  At the end of the term we also present our very special ‘Hayfield Legends’.  Everyone is welcome to the Celebration Assembly and if your child is receiving their Hero points or Hayfield Hero on Friday you will receive a text on Thursday afternoon to let you know.  Please consider carefully before bringing younger children to the assembly as we must insist that they remain seated and quiet throughout.  Disruption from younger children can mean that other parents and children can’t hear what the staff are saying or the reasons why the children are receiving their awards which is unfair on them.  If they cannot remain seated and quiet please can we ask that parents take them out of the hall and not to the side as the noise will still disrupt the assembly.

We look forward to seeing you join us in celebrating your children’s achievements soon!