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Pupil Voice

Pupil voice during our Ofsted Inspection, February 13th - 14th 2024:

‘I like history. Our teacher explains complicated stuff bit by bit to help us understand.’

'I like reading because it feels like you’re actually there. You’ve gone through the portal!’

‘I like doing the independent tasks in mathematics. They show what you can do in your own mind.’ 

Pupil voice on writing:

"I am most proud of a story I wrote about our class book ‘Starbird’ because I had never written a story before and I think I did really well. I used lots of things that we had learnt like imperative verbs and adjectives." Year 2

"I like writing because it feels like you are doing exercise with your hands, I enjoy what I write because I like writing stories; I like finding out a new book; I love reading non fiction and fiction." Year 2 

"I find writing fun because you can build up the words that you know and find more exciting words, using dictionaries and thesaurus’. We draw pictures to add to our stories, creating information texts, as well learning lots of information like about Africa and Antarctica” Year 2 

"I love writing because you can be free." Year 6

"Writing helps you to bring joy to people." Year 6

Pupil voice on maths:

"If people are stuck, the teachers always help until they understand. I like maths at our school because it is all just fun." 

"I like having extra tasks in our mastery approach as it makes me more smarter."

"Tiny the turtle never gets anything right!"

Pupil voice on science:

"In our Materials' unit, we made umbrellas for our class teddies, and had to pick a suitable material. We found that tissue paper was not suitable." Year 3

"I found our experiment on water and air resistance using a Newton meter really fun and helpful with my learning." Year 5

"We made the digestive system and poo and it helped me really understand it all better." Year 4

Pupil voice on computing and being a digital leader:

“I really love attending Computing Club because I get to do more Computing which I love and I can help some of the younger children that are in KS1. It feels good once they get it and then know what to do.” Year 5

“I like being able to practice some of the coding things and to helping other people.” Year 5

Pupil voice on music:

Ukulele lessons have been really fun because we have got to learn a new instrument... so my mum bought me a ukulele and some books to learn with at home.” Year 3

I love music because playing music makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy.  I love to listen to different types of music. I’d love to join the choir next year.” Year 3

I like learning and playing different instruments. Music makes me feel relaxed. I like that we have the freedom to create our own pieces of music.” Year 5