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PE at Hayfield Cross

Please also see our Intent-Implementation-Impact statement for PE and all subjects which can be found under the Curriculum tab in 'Curriculum Statements'

At Hayfield Cross we aim to provide children with the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life. We aim for the Physical Education curriculum to inspire all pupils to enjoy, succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. We will strive to ensure that every child exceeds their potential and the impact of our PE curriculum will allow our children to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  As part of this we will provide the children with plenty of opportunities to allow them to enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing.

Children are provided with two PE sessions a week throughout the school. One of these sessions uses the Real PE scheme which aims to develop a holistic approach to learning all of the skills necessary to achieve in all sports or aspects of physical activity. The main themes throughout the year are Social, Personal, Health and Fitness, Cognitive, Physical and Creative. For the other weekly session, these skills are then applied to a variety of sports, including Gymnastics using Real Gym, in order to prepare children for active participation in games and competitions. Our aim for this is to build character and help to embed core values, such as fairness and respect, and to inspire a positive relationship with competitive sport learning respectable competition attributes.

Alongside PE lessons, children of all ages take part in a weekly mile encouraging fitness and stamina which will be applied to all other aspects of physical activity. Staff members and Premier Sport provide a variety of opportunities for before and after school clubs, focussing on a range of different sports.

By providing access to a variety of sports both in and out of PE lessons, it prepares children for taking part in intra-school competitions and inter-school competitions. The Kettering School Sports Partnership provide these competitive opportunities and our PE curriculum and clubs are guided by these in order for the children to achieve their best at these tournaments.