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Courageous Advocates

It's our belief that everyone has the power to change the world for the better.  To this end, we know that all of our pupils and our whole school community has the potential to be advocates of change, and we both encourage and celebrate them taking responsibility for doing this within the school community and wider afield.

Throughout our school, and in particular our PSHE and RE curriculums, we learn of opportunities for social action and where appropriate to challenge injustice. Every child learns about courageous advocates from across the globe, both past and present, that have faced injustice and overcome barriers in order to help others for the greater good.   As part of their learning, the children reflected on what injustice these courageous advocates have faced and how they changed the world for the better.

We have an eco-council who are very active driving our school forward in becoming more sustainable and this is just one example of where our children are leading us to a better future.  Please see below where our children have used their energy and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world:

 IMG 0008

5* Accommodation for bugs courtesy of William


William is a member of our Eco-Club. After buying all of the different parts,  William put them all together to make this luxurious bug hotel.  William felt it was really important to to provide a safe home for wildlife and I'm sure you'll agree that this really is a des-res for insects and bugs of all kinds.



Lily-Mai donates her hair to the Little Princess Trust


Lily-Mai bravely had her beautiful hair cut off to donate to the charity, The Little Princess Trust.  The Trust provides free real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.  They also fund childhood cancer research searching to find kinder and more effective treatments. 


"I had 12 inches cut off of my hair. I wanted to help children that needed it more than I did. I feel so proud of myself and happy that I have helped other people. I love my new hair even more knowing I have helped people." Lily-Mai, aged 7 

Screenshot 2024 01 19 161120

Mrs Hitchcock joins 'Strictly for Sebastian' to help raise money for vital treatment


Our very own Mrs Hitchcock volunteered to take part in a fundraising show to help raise money towards vital cancer treatment.  Unfortunately, after 3.5 years of fighting Neuroblastoma, brave and beautiful Sebastian passed away on 28th January 2024 but with the blessing of his incredible family and with love and light, "Strictly for Sebastian" dances on!  So much support has been received for the ‘Strictly for Team Sebastian’ fundraiser so far and after careful consideration, Mr & Mrs Nunney have decided that ALL money raised from this event will be donated to the children’s playroom at Northampton Hospital - a special place loved by Sebastian. The playroom's outdoor area is to be transformed, which will bring happiness to young patients across Northamptonshire aged 0 to 18 years old, facing incredibly hard and brave journeys.

You can make a donation via the QR tag or link that was shared in our fortnightly newsletter, The Hayfield Herald, or by clicking on the image to the left.
We are all so very proud of her and Team Orange are fully behind her and all of the other performers.  


"Sebastian was a child who goes to the same school as my children and also lived across the road from me. I have watched his situation sadly deteriorate. I have always been taught to help those in need but was unsure how I could possibly help?! Brambleside Primary school have held the odd fundraising event, which we as a family have joined in with. The opportunity then arose to join Strictly for Sebastian. I love dancing and I love helping people so completing the application was an easy decision! Not only do I get to meet new people and learn a new skill, but I also get to contribute in a big way to an important cause." Mrs Hitchcock 


Our School Community held a 'Reverse Advent' to collect needed items for the Kettering Foodbank


The 'Team Orange Parents' (TOPs) contacted the Kettering foodbank before Christmas to find out what items were most needed.  They then constructed an advent calendar where, instead of receiving a chocolate treat on the days of advent, they asked the parents and the school community to bring in a specific item.  Items included long-life milk, coffee, tinned vegetables and noodles.


We are proud to part of our local area and realise how important it is to help those most in need.


'Lots of people are struggling to buy food at the moment, so it's really important for people to donate food to help others. I really enjoyed going to the foodbank and I felt proud to be donating and helping our community' - Tamiyah, aged 9

christmas jumper day

Doing our part for 'Save The Children'


In the run-up to Christmas 2023, we joined with others up and down the country to hold a special, Christmas Jumper day.  In return for taking part in the themed 'mufti' day, pupils and staff were asked to make a donation to the 'Save the Children ' charity fund.  As always, our community donated very generously, even in spite of many charitable events going on at this time and with the expense of Christmas looming,  and we raised a fantastic £273.42 for the deserving charity.


Save The Children is an international charity that has helped over 45 million children worldwide.  As a school, when we are looking to make a difference and support others, we have different lens' which we look through: school, local, national and global.


Discussing the sustainability of our school with the Mayor of Kettering


When the Mayor of Kettering, Emily Fedorowycz, visited the school in November of 2023, our Eco-Council took the opportunity to discuss environmental issues and the school's sustainability with the Member of the Green Party.  The children are very passionate about the environment and what we can do to protect it on a global and local scale and were interested to hear Emily's ideas and suggestions, whilst also sharing their own thoughts and visions.


Emily has promised to return to follow up on their talk and find out how the children have progressed with their campaigns.


'I wanted to join the Eco-Committee because of Global Warming, so I joined to make people aware of what they can do to help. I think it is important because some people are careless and don't care about our planet and I am doing my best to persuade them to realise how important this is.' - Max, aged 11

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Wearing Orange for 'Team Sebastian'


Along with many other schools in our local area, we took part in fund-raising for Sebastian Nunney, a brave young man living with Neuroblastoma.  Sebastian's favourite colour is orange and so he wanted school pupils to wear orange for the day to raise money for his vital treatment.  As we're always Team Orange, we modified our own mufti day and went for wearing bright clothes instead.  Our school mufti day raised well over £500 for this very worthy cause and a Team Sebastian stall which was held outside also raised £200.  An incredible amount of support form our school community.


To pledge your support for Sebastian's treatment, you can click on the photo to the left or on the header of this article and they will both take you to his fundraising page.

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A real 'gourd'-getter!


Courageous Advocacy comes in all shapes and sizes and when Hayfield Cross pupils have a cause they believe in, they always go above and beyond.  Amélie loves her school and decided to raise funds for us by selling gourds that she had grown and then decorated. Through her kindness and generosity, she raised a wonderful £53.50 for school funds. 


Not only did Amélie get behind a cause that she believed in, she also demonstrated fantastic entrepreneurial skills.  Could she be the next Apprentice?


"I had been growing gourds with my mum and sister at our allotment and we managed to grow more than we could use. We didn't need a lot for our family but had lots of fun spending time at the allotment together. I had lots of googly eyes and craft stuff at home so thought it would be a really nice idea to share them with the rest of the school. I wanted to help raise as much money as I could for our amazing school so decided to sell them to other children." - Amelie, aged 8


Year 6 pupils help organise a MacMillan Coffee Morning 


We are always very proud of our pupils, but when some of our Year 6 pupils asked our staff if they could help run this year's MacMillan Cake sale to raise money for Cancer Research, we were absolutely delighted.  They produced promotional flyers, communicated with parents and, on the day itself, helped run the event itself.


We will always look to support our pupils when they show courageous advocacy and show passion for a cause.


'I specifically wanted to do some fundraising for Cancer as my Grampy had died recently and I wanted to raise awareness with other people. I wanted to raise money so hopefully one day no other family has to go through what we did.' - Robyn, aged 11